Installation guide

Please follow the instructions on this guide to install and configure Symless Synergy 1 on your local computers.

 Step 1 - Server Installation: Install Synergy on the Server machine, where your keyboard/mouse is physically connected.

    • Step 1.1: Configure Synergy Server: Once the application is started, configure it to run as a server per the instructions below.


  • Step 2 - Client Installation: Install Synergy in your second computer, and initiate as a client per the screenshot below.


  • Step 3 - Find out the right IP addresses: On both server and client, start the command line application and run ipconfig. If running Windows 10 and PowerShell is installed, you can run the “gip” command.






  • If you are running older versions of Windows, or do not have access to Power Shell, you can use the Command Line by running: cmd.exe, then running the command “ipconfig”.
  • From the screenshots above, you can set that your server IP address is “” and your client is “”, These are just examples, so your IP addresses could be similar but not the same.


  • Step 4 - Add the client to the Server
  • Step 4.1: Click on the “Configure Server” button on the Server Configuration to see the screen per the screenshot below.


  • Step 4.2: Drag and drop the top right screen icon, and place it where it is placed physically from your server (center icon) per the screenshot below.


  • Step 4.3: Double click on the Unnamed screen, and set the proper computer name and Alias (if desired)


  • Step 4.4: Your Server Settings Screen should now look something similar to the screenshot below.


  • Step 5: Configure Client to connect to the server


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