Command Line & Text Config

Synergy 1

This guide shows you how to run Synergy from the command line.

This guide is for advanced users. Normally, using the config app is the best approach. Running Synergy 1 from the command line can be useful in enterprise environments where you want to configure the software for an end-user via a text file.

First, you'll need to create a text config file for the server. This file is actually the same file that is normally generated by the config app, but writing this file manually gives you more power and flexibility (e.g. you can add unlimited computers). The client doesn't need a text config file, as everything is specified on the command line.

Next step is to run from the command line for both the server and the client. This will load in the text file that you just wrote, and assuming there are no errors in the config, you should be all set. While testing your config, make sure you use the `-f` argument on `synergys` (the server) and `synergyc` (the client) so you can see any errors in the log.

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