Swap Modifier Keys

How to swap modifier keys in Synergy 1.

When using Synergy, you may want to swap your modifier keys around. For example, when sharing a Windows keyboard to a Mac, using Command-C can be tricky because the Windows key is in a different place to the Command key on a Mac.

Here's how you swap the Command and Windows keys for the Mac.

  1. Open Synergy on your server.
  2. Click the "Configure Server..." button on the main display.
  3. You should now see all the machines that are configured on your network.
  4. Double click on the machine you'd like to edit the keys on (e.g. the Mac)
  5. You should now see a Screen Settings window.
  6. On the right side you'll see a vertical list of all the modifier keys.
  7. Click the Alt dropdown and select Super from the list.
  8. Then click the Super dropdown and select Alt from the list.
  9. Click OK to close the Screen Settings window.
  10. Then click OK again to close the Server Configuration window.
  11. Finally, click Apply to save your new configuration.

Your Command and Windows keys will now be swapped for the Mac!

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