Copy Paste Feature

Synergy will allow you to copy and paste text and images via clipboard.

Please note the following for this feature:

  • Files: Copying and pasting files is not supported right now
  • Image size: Images can fail silently if they're too large (check the clipboard size limit setting)
  • Programs: Some programs or applications may not support copy/paste
  • OS's: Copy paste issues happen intermittently on all platforms, though some OS's/combinations are more prevalent than others.
  • Button/key combination: Make sure that you are using the correct keyboard shortcut between Mac and Windows (Cmd vs Ctrl).

If you still have an issue with copying text or images, please send us a ticket and share this information:

  • What is the OS for your client and for your server? 
  • Which specific Synergy version are you using?
  • Which applications or programs are you using?
  • If you are trying to copy / paste an image, what is the size of the image?
  • Which key(s) combination you are using to copy and paste?
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