How to add a HotKey to restart the server

Since Synergy 1.11, you now have the option to add a Hotkey to restart the server computer, even when the mouse is in the client computer (for example, stuck on Login screen). When pressed, the Synergy service will restart on the server-side.

Please follow these steps:

1. Open Configure Server and the HotKey section:


2. Click on "New", and here:

3. Do one click where it says "keystroke()"

4. Now, press your key combination, for example, Ctrl+Alt+r, you will see something like this:

Now, click Ok.

6. Next, click on the key generated and click "New" in the Actions section:

7. Now, in the Configure Action window, select "Restart Server" on the bottom:

8. Now, click Ok to close the Configure action window; click Ok, to close the Configure Server window; and click Apply in the main window.

You will now be able to "restart" the server Synergy application when you are in the client computer by pressing the key combination configured.

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