Mismatch between keycode (or key combination) between client and server computers

If your client and server computer does not have the same keycode or key combination for the same key, you may need to use a temporary workaround to resolve this issue.

For example, your key code for Server (Linux) is ISO_Level3_Shift while your key code for Client (Windows) is Alt_R.

The workaround is to redirect the key code at the OS level. For example, if you do not use your Right Ctrl key much, you can map it to a new key code such as Alt+R. This way, you can use Ctrl+R if you need to make Alt+R work on your client computer.

To configure this in your Linux Server:

> xmodmap -pke > "$HOME/.Xmodmap"
> nano "$HOME/.Xmodmap and add: keycode 105 = Alt_R Meta_R Alt_R Meta_R
> crontab -e and add this: @reboot         sleep 30 && DISPLAY=:0 xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap
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